What Is a Biopsy?
Biopsies are performed by your veterinarian to diagnose an abnormal growth. Depending on the location and size of the growth either the whole thing is sent out for evaluation or just a piece is sent. The biopsy is sent usually by mail (in a formalin solution to preserve it) to a veterinary diagnostic lab. A veterinary pathologist will then examine tissue from the growth and determine what it is, where it originates, whether it spreads and what the method of treatment should be. Sometimes the biopsy can be curative if the whole growth is removed during the biopsy and it is not the type of growth that spreads. In the case of some cancers though it is better to have a biopsy first in order for the surgeon to get a better idea of how much tissue around the growth needs to be taken in order to remove it completely. This dog had a growth in his groin area removed for biopsy. He had a good outcome. It was removed completely and was not cancer.