What Do These 3 X-Rays Have in Common?

broken leg

Broken leg 2

vd pelvis with arrows2

All 3 x-rays are of elderly dogs that were run over by a car while sleeping in their own property. The arrows point to the broken bones.

Most pets love to lay outside in the warm weather months. We need to be extra careful at all times of the year to make sure we know where our older dogs and cats are before moving a vehicle. Senior animals may not hear as well so they will not know until it is too late if a vehicle is approaching them. They may be slower and less able to move out-of-the-way of an oncoming car. We have seen injuries in senior dogs and cats who have been run over in their own driveway or yard because they could not get out-of-the-way in time. This is a very sad situation for both the owners and the pets as senior animals don’t heal as quickly as younger animals do. Therefore a major injury could mean the end of life for a beloved pet. Be sure to make sure all senior pets are out-of-the-way before moving a vehicle.

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