The Microchip

What is a microchip? It is a very small computer chip inserted under the skin of an animal. When the chip is read with a scanner, a phone and a chip number come up. The phone number is the national database that keeps the owners contact information on file that is associated with the unique chip number.

It is just another way to help get lost pets reunited with their owners. It is not perfect and it is fallible. Statistically, animals with microchips are reunited with their owners more frequently than animals without microchips. A microchip does not replace a collar and a tag. It is just another way to identify your pet. The owner needs to keep their contact information current with the national database center. Sometimes there are fees for this. And not all scanners read all chips. But this has gotten much better and most scanners are universal scanners that read all chips.

Here is a picture of our clinic cat being scanned. She does not look too thrilled. (And by the way, still needs a home.)


One of these animals has a microchip. Can you see it?

peewee cropped


The microchip is circled in this picture. The metal objects in the other pets are some type of gun shot (BB?).

Microchip circled

And here is a bonus question. Can you tell what was wrong with each of these pets?

The first x-ray (the one with the microchip) was in congestive heart failure. The second x-ray is of a cat who could not urinate. The x-ray was taken after he was unblocked. If you look hard, you can see the urinary catheter behind him and it runs into his bladder.

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