The Case of the Leaky Cat
A cat was brought in for an appointment because she was straining in the litter box and had blood in her urine. She dripped urine during her physical. Some of the things that could cause this problem are: a bladder infection, urine crystals, bladder stones or a bladder tumor. We took an x-ray and found bladder stones. Here is the x-ray showing her bladder stones: Sometimes stones can be dissolved with a special food. The owner switched the cat's food but the stones remained unchanged after 2-3 weeks on the food and she was leaking more and more urine. We did surgery to remove the stones. Here is a picture of the stones after they were taken out of the bladder: The urine leaking decreased dramatically after surgery but took a while to go away completely. This cat developed these stones due to urinary tract infection. She had to be on antibiotics for a month. And we switched her food to try to stop this problem from happening again. But bladder stones can form again.