Saved by Catnip

We were recycling a few cardboard catnip scratchers. Suddenly there was a cat hanging around the back of the clinic. He had something tan that looked like burlap from a distance wrapped around his neck. I asked a few customers and they had seen him hanging around for a while and were worried that the thing wrapped around his neck was getting tighter.

So, we set out a trap. With catnip of course (and food too). The cat went in the trap the very first day it was set!

Here are pictures of him:

What was wrapped around his neck was stretchy, sticky bandage material. His new name is now Ace.

Here is a picture of the material:

We cut off the wrap and neutered him at the same time.

Ace is being fostered by a customer. It was difficult to tell if he was friendly in the clinic. He is shy.

We’ll keep you posted on his progress.

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