Pet Tips for the Fall Season
Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Vermont. The leaves are changing color and people are getting ready for the long winter. Here are some pet tips for this time of year: Once the leaves have fallen people will be out raking their yards. Dogs will often be outside during this time and can be at risk for a bee sting while snuffling around in the leaves. Hives are usually not life threatening but if your dog has excessive swelling and trouble breathing contact the vet right away. Predators are getting ready for winter too so fall is a good time to establish a “curfew” for your cats that like to go outside. By feeding them at the same time each afternoon you can predict when they will come in. Keeping them in for the night will help keep them safe. Cats that hunt all summer could benefit from a few doses of dewormer before winter to clear their system of parasites they may have picked up. Fall has two very delicious holidays! Make sure you keep your Halloween candy and Thanksgiving turkey bones away from your pets. Be aware that hunters are out and about during the fall months. If you walk your dog in the woods make sure you and your dog are wearing blaze orange to be easily seen. People with gardens are cleaning up and adding to the compost. Compost piles are very tempting to dogs and they can become very ill after eating decomposing food scraps. Keeping your compost pile fenced or enclosed can help discourage pets and wild animals. Enjoy the bounty and beauty of Autumn!