Our First Two Months of Business
We have been open for 2 months now. It has been fun meeting people and getting settled in. We have seen a number of dogs that have a hard time getting around or getting up. While there are many treatments available, we have had great success with Adequan injections. Adequan in made by Novartis and is an injectable polysulfated glycosaminoglycan. Is binds to cartilage to help prevent further breakdown and stimulates cells in the joint to produce products that help the joint work better. It is a natural product that has produced a very low incidence of side effects. We initially administer 8 injections over a month (about 2 a week) in the muscle. Dogs tolerate these injections very well. These first treatments are done by us at the clinic. Afterwards, owners will continue to administer the product every 2-4 weeks at home when their pet starts acting stiff or slowing down again. We can also give these maintenance injections at the clinic. We will explain the process and help the owner decide what works better for them. The response has been universally positive. Owners report that they immediately see a change in their pets attitude towards life. For us it has been a great option for arthritis treatment before using drugs that come with more side effects. Go to www.adequancanine.us for more information. A web search on Adequan will also give you more information.