Unfortunately cats who sneak outside are at risk of going missing.  There are many things that can happen to them, although sometimes these cats are hiding close to home and are just too scared to come out. We have had a few clients whose cats had gotten out and were missing for up to a month or more. Two of these cats were used to being inside only and one would go outdoors as well. Happily these cats were all reunited with their families. Here are some tips to help if your cat ever gets lost: 1. Concentrate the search around your home and neighborhood. Most cats don’t travel that far. 2. Put food out and set up a Have a Heart Trap in an area close to where the cat got out. 3. Contact local shelters and veterinary clinics with information about your cat. 4. Make up fliers with a photo and description to post around the neighborhood, local stores, post office etc.. 5. Let all of your neighbors know that your cat is missing. Most people will notice if a “strange” cat is hanging around their house. Most of all don’t give up hope.