Cats that go outside or who get out accidentally often go missing. There are many things that can happen to them such as being hit by a car or eaten by a predator. Sometimes though these cats are hiding close by their home and are just too scared to come out. Recently we had three clients whose cats had gotten out and were gone for a month or more. Two were inside only and one was indoor/outdoor. Happily these cats were all reunited with their families. Here are some tips to help if your cat ever gets lost: 1.Concentrate the search around your home and neighborhood. Most cats don’t travel that far. 2. Put food out and sit quietly in areas close to where the cat got out. 3.Contact local shelters and veterinary clinics with information about your cat. 4.Make up fliers with a photo and description to post around neighborhood and local stores, post office etc. 5.Let all of your neighbors know that your cat is missing. Most people will notice if a “strange” cat is hanging around their house.   Most of all don’t give up hope. Some cats will use up some of their “nine lives” to get back home!