Going to the Vet is Better than a Stick in the Eye

This is Jake. He took a woods run yesterday and now he is holding his eye closed and the eye is runny.


We could see a line in the middle of his cornea that had a reddish tinge to it. You might think the red color is blood but the cornea does not have blood vessels in it normally. And when there is an injury, blood vessels take a few days to grow into the cornea and Jake’s problem developed in the last 12 hours. So, we knew there was something else going on.

We sedated him and could see a splinter in the middle of his cornea. It was the wood that had a reddish tinge.

We luckily were able to grab an end splinter and pull it out. Sometimes this does not go as well and having a foreign body in the eye can cause bigger problems.

Here is a picture of the splinter right after we pulled it from the eye.


Jake did not have any complications and healed up well.

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