Spring is a popular time of year for gastrointestinal upset (GI upset)in dogs. As the snow melts it can uncover a lot of things to be tasted by curious dogs. Symptoms of GI upset include vomiting and diarrhea. Usually the symptoms are mild and the dog is otherwise bright and alert. When a patient comes in with signs of GI upset we will start with a fecal test to check for intestinal parasites, Giardia and overgrowth of certain intestinal bacterias. If the tests come back normal and the physical exam does not raise any other "red flags"; we will recommend a bland diet for a few days and in some cases an antibiotic that helps settle the stomach. A bland diet can be a prescription food which we have here or homemade boiled white rice and boiled lean meat such as chicken breast or ground beef with the fat drained off. Frequent vomiting and/or excessive diarrhea can be an emergency, so it is important that you contact us if your pet is showing signs of gastrointestinal upset. We can help investigate the cause and act accordingly.