Fostering cats and kittens can help animal shelters in your area.
Summer is the time when many kittens being born to stray cats. Animal rescue organizations look for help caring for pregnant cats and their kittens. The shelters are not an deal place for them because there is so much activity going on.  The mothers and kittens are better off in quieter environments where they can get special attention. Fostering is a great way to help these animals. As a foster family you should have: 1. A separate room for the mom and kittens. 2. Time to spend time with all of them. 3. The ability to keep the mom long enough for the kittens to be weaned and for her to stop lactating and be spayed. The time commitment will vary depending on each situation but kittens should stay with their mother for 7-8 weeks before weaning. If you are interested please call your local animal rescue or shelter and see if there is a need! Here are a few in our area: Justice for Dogs in Wolcott 802-472-3894 North Country Animal League in Morrisville 802-888-5065 Frontier Animal Society in Orleans 802-754-2228