Ear mites is a condition we see primarily in cats. The most common type of mites are otodectes cynotis, tiny parasites that feed on the wax and oils in a cat’s ear canal. These mites will infect the external and internal canal causing irritation and inflammation. The infection usually produces a characteristic dark discharge. In severe cases, the cat’s ear canal can become entirely obstructed by this coffee ground like debris. Other symptoms include: Excessive scratching at the affected ear(s) Head shaking Hair loss and/or scabs around the ear(s) Here is a photo of a cat we had here with ear mites. img_0748 Looking at debris through microscope. image-2 Ear mites are treated with medication applied directly into the ear(s) or a medication applied on the skin. Ear mites are contagious and will be passed from cat to cat. Therefore it is important to treat all cats in the house at the same time and complete a full course of medication. If the cat is not too sore and is cooperative, cleaning the ears can be helpful. Ear mites are easy to treat and your cat will appreciate it!