Dental Care Basics
Dental health is important to your pets overall health and well-being. We all know that dental problems can be very painful. However your dog or cat might mask the pain-they do not complain, they might chew only on one side which is hard for an owner to see or they might just sleep more. It can be hard to tell if your dog or cat is just getting older and slowing down or if they are uncomfortable. Also dental problems are bacterial infections. Those bacterial can affect vital organs and cause kidney or even heart problems. We recommend proactive dental care. Dental cleanings on teeth that are not severely diseased teeth are easier for your pet since they are less painful after the procedure and they do not have to be under anesthesia as long, They are also easier on the owner's wallet, as they are less expensive. Ideally we would like your pet to keep all his or her teeth for their entire life. It is better to clean up the tartar on the teeth and prevent gingivitis and tooth decay than to have to remove bad teeth. After a dental cleaning, the owners have to work to keep the teeth clean. Brushing is the best option. However if brushing is difficult, there is a rinse, dental chews and even a special dental diet. Home care is included in the cost of a dental cleaning at the Hardwick Veterinary Clinic.