Crystals In the Urine

Crystals can form in your pet’s urine making it uncomfortable to urinate. These crystals can be caused by many different factors. Some of which include, bacterial or viral infection, minerals built up in the urine and urine PH level. Symptoms of crystals in the urine can be urinating small amounts, blood present in the urine, whining or howling while urinating, and inability to urinate which is a medical emergency. If any of these symptoms are noticed a trip to your veterinarian is recommended. Tests will be performed to identify the cause of the symptoms. This usually begins with a urinalysis which can look for blood, PH level and minerals present. The urine is then spun and the solids ( if any ) are separated out and looked at under a microscope. This is where crystals are seen. Here are a couple of photos of struvite crystals.

crystals in urine


Treatment can include antibiotics, special diet, increasing water intake and in extreme cases surgery. Crystals in the urine can be a challenging condition to treat but once an effective treatment is found the pet can live a full and happy life.

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