We can use some bath towels. If you have any you are not using anymore and would like to recycle we can take them!

One of our clients is currently looking for a home for a young female guinea pig. If anyone is interested in her or any other pocket pets let us know. It is good to have people to call if we hear of these smaller companions needing new homes.


This is Kitty.

She showed up at a client’s house a few years ago as a pregnant stray. The client had two cats so she couldn’t take her in. She brought her to the clinic and we called around to see if anyone could help. It’s not ideal to have young kittens stay long term at a veterinary office where they could potentially be exposed to feline illnesses. Fortunately a different client opened her home to this Mom cat and her kittens who were born a short time later. The client fostered everyone until the kittens were old enough to be adopted. It was a happy ending as all of the kittens and Mom Kitty were adopted. This situation doesn’t happen very often but we decided to make a list of people who would be willing to foster for us. The foster family should have:

1. A separate room to put the Mom and kittens.

2. Time to spend time with them to give Mom attention and socialize the kittens.

3. The ability to keep the Mom for another month after the kittens are weaned so her milk can dry up before being spayed.

The time commitment will vary depending on each situation but kittens should stay with their mother for 7-8 weeks before weaning. If you are interested please call the clinic at 802-472-8400 Thank you!