A “Tail” of Two Dogs
A “Tail” of Two Dogs "Tail #1" :   There was a dog spotted crossing a road, an onlooker paused to make sure the dog made his way safely. Suddenly the dog went down a bank, fell into the river and got trapped by the ice! The dog was able to be safely rescued and sustained no injuries. His rescuer was able to get our clinic number from the dog’s rabies tag and gave us a call. We were able to identify the owner and left them a message. The good Samaritan brought the dog to us, we dried him off and warmed him up. His very happy and thankful owner picked him up a little while later. "Tail #2":   An injured dog was found and brought to a veterinarian in a near by town. The dog could not be identified by a collar with tags or a microchip. She was posted on social media as a first attempt to find her owner, no luck. The next day the person who found her started calling veterinarians in surrounding towns. Fortunately, the dog is not a very common breed in this area and was easily identified as an Akita. We searched all the Akitas in our computer system, one was in the right location. That owner was not missing her dog but suggested we call the general store of the town where the dog was found. Brilliant!! The owner who was missing the dog had gone to the general store and left his contact information. We hope the injured Akita recovered well from her injuries. Thankfully these dogs were reunited with their families! They had luck on their side!